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Opening a new account with a bank should be painless and at First State Bank of the Southeast we strive to make those trips to the bank enjoyable. Opening a new account requires you to visit one of our convenient locations.

We have listed a few frequently asked questions and answers below that should help you before coming into the bank to open your account.


What documentation do I need to present to the bank to open a new account?

Verification of Name, Date of Birth, Address and Social Security Number or Tax Payer Identification Number is required to open an account.

Can I have my Social Security check direct deposited to my account?

Yes, we can fill out a direct deposit form for you or you may visit the Social Security Direct Deposit website for more information.

What are the early withdrawl penalties on a certificate of deposit?

Early withdraw penalty on a CD with the term of 12 months or below would be three months interest and a term above 12 months would be six months interest on the amount withdrawn.

Will I get a monthly statement on my checking account?

Yes! We also have electronic statements available through our eStatements website, click here to find out how to sign up today!